Friday, February 1, 2008


Ops...yesterday I found out that I didn't buy the showcase spot in February 2nd, it was February 1st (today!) that's what happens when you don't remeber that in the US they write the month first then the day in a date, like 02-01-2008...I just saw day 2, and then didn't noticed the 1, that it couldn't be from January right? lol

And then..... It was a Storque Showcase spot and not in the Main Showcase...How can I do these things!!! I'm always the same.... :) Anyway, I hope it brings it's profit! That's what matters, and in the next time I will definitely look better to which date and showcase I purchase :))

Here it is: (How do I look?? :))

You can find online here: (you have to chose the next showcase, the Storque Showcase :))


Beadsme said...

I have done this too and completely missed my showcase thinking that Etsy hadn't done it. Are you blonde too??? LOL

C. said...

LOL At least I figured it out! Maybe because i'm not blonde, dark brown hair :D eheheh Better luck for us next time :P And more results too! Had not sold 1 item that day... ahahah