Wednesday, May 7, 2008


Well it seems that she, the inspiration and/or creativity, makes her tries to come back and stay...unfortunately it has been staying for just a few days, and then...there she goes again, and I end up "alone".

Well, this time I decided to keep her, very tight, and no matter what or who, I wont let go... I promise :)

As, this is the only thing that gives me nothing but pleasure, the only thing that won't make me cry ;) The only thing I have that is "worth it" :)

I leave you my wallpaper at work :) who can stay in a bad mood with this wallpaper?!! :)

And........I have to go!! Lot's of work, new stuff to list, photos to take, images to fix and organize, measure things to list (that's the part I hate the most...:P), pricing.......PROMOTING ON ETSY!!!! Etsy really is something :)

You remember that red flower scarf? Was bought by a very sweet client that loved it! It was sold during the Mother's Day Showcase, a spot that I bought, but I forgot to share with you here...sorry!! My mind has been a bit messy in the past weeks :)



hy said...

i LOVE daisies toooooo!

C. said...

:) hihihi