Saturday, July 12, 2008

Experiences :)

It all started with a "What if I make new and SO CUTE tags for my products?" with this, I end up search for cute deco-tapes, then cute blank card tags and then stamps... well, for deco-tapes I have no solution that buy them! There are lots of cute deco-tapes on Etsy, if you are looking for some, search there! Then blank cards, cutters, end up with a new item on my wishlist: A Sizzix! An advice: don't look for it, or you end up with less $150 hehehe kidding :) It's worth it! I will have mine in a few weeks...I hope! Neither the less, i'm already trying to imagine how can do my own extra and unique patterns for the Sizzix :) And then the stamps...I found lots of cute rubber stamps, then I tought: This is just carved rubber! Finaly a use for the kept old erasers from school time :)

Here it is:
I know it is a bit clumsy, and the "leg" of the Y it's to the wrong side (opsss). I only found, by accident actualy, a rubber stamps tutorial after this experience :) I only search for tutorials when I can't figure out at all how to get a certain result, and for this you actualy just need a bit of imagination, a ordinary paper cutter and a ordinary rubber. But I'm posting the tutorial I found. It was made by Suki.

Click to see bigger image!

Click to see bigger image!

Click to see bigger image!

And, after finding this one, I explored a bit more this subject, and this is actualy the simpliest and easy way to start, then it's up to you to open those wings and explore "rubber stamps world" by your own :) I found this interesting "solution", but it seems much harder, since rubber is much easier to cut, but just for inspiration, I found this:

These were made by Amy Ybarra Murphy . Click on her name to go to the tutorial! :)

If you want to be a pro start here!


mf said...

Por acaso no outro dia vi uma pessoa que fazia rubber stamps e não percebi como eram feitos...Este post veio mesmo a calhar! Obrigada :D



C. said...


Obrigada :)

Estive a ver os teus trabalhos! Muito giros mesmo! Parabéns :)

Eu, infelizmente, ainda não tive oportunidade para fazer mais experiências... mas é pena só encontrar material e ferramentas mais "avançadas" "lá fora"...Boa sorte para ti! Depois pões uma foto no blog para ver o resultado final! :)